Thursday, 18 August 2016

Helicopter to collect £800 at Speedway for NSW Charities

A helicopter pilot will give a display of aerial tactics over Windsor Speedway this Sunday afternoon, August 14, before setting down on the track to pick up £800 in cheques for charity.

The NSW Stock Car Owners and Drivers Association has donated the amounts of £400 each to the Spastic Centre, Mosman and the Royal Blind Society of New South Wales. The gift is to mark the official opening of a new and approved go-cart track at the speedway.

The Association later intends to make a substantial donation to the Royal NSW Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. The copter will be piloted by Captain John Warne, of Helicopter Utilities Pty Ltd with Sydney artist Mr H Kenneth Cook as  passenger. Both Captain Warne and the company have contributed their services as a donation to the charities. Mr Cook will receive the cheques from association officials on behalf of the charities named.

The organisers were not being paid commission for their work, which was entirely voluntary, said Mr Cook. Members of the Austin Healey Sprite Club led by their team captain, Mr John Smith, will assemble on the track in full racing gear and beflagged cars, to welcome the arrival of the copter.

More than 25,000 people are expected to attend the speedway to witness the final of the NSW Stock Car Championships. More than 50 stock cars have been entered for the championship event. World stock car champion, Jim Thompson, will drive a Cadillac coupe and Les Smith, the Hawkesbury Valley champion, a Ford V8.

Leading stock car drivers Allan Blyth of Bexley, Ralph Ellis of Sydney and midget car racing drivers Eric Morton and Fred Gardiner will compete in the event.

A number of new "TQ" speedsters - highly powered Go Carts fitted with racing bodies - will make their appearance at the track for the first time. One of the several highlights of the program will be a mammoth parade around the Windsor circuit of cars taking part in the day's events.

"Sydney Morning Herald 8th August 1960" 
 Article by Graham Clayton


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