Monday, 3 April 2017

Windsor and Richmond Gazette - Friday 9 January 1942, page 4


In view of the urgent need of camouflage nets for the Army, Windsor ladies of patriotic bent - as all should be - will be interested to hear that Mrs. M. H. Pulsford has generously volunteered to give any tuition desired in the making of these nets, and can secure the necessary material

for anyone wishing to take up the work. Already many hundreds of ladies in all parts of the State are actively engaged in this work in their spare time, and their contribution in this respect, as a direct assistance to the war effort, is greatly appreciated by the Defence authorities. A sample of the work is now on, display in one of Pulsford's windows, and we are sure that many Windsor ladies will avail themselves of the opportunity now presented to them of doing some thing tangible in the war effort.

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